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I am an image creator aspiring to be the best draftsman I can be for the short life I will live! I spend most of time drawing and have no life! Its what I choose. I am very happy when I create art. I love love love my craft.

Friday, September 27, 2013


Okay today has been a wow moment. I'm in the place where I need to be. Kind of placing my foot into the door of the tattoo industry. Not as an aspiring hungry apprentice but as a starved out artist pushing my work. When I started to follow Sullen Art Collective and Jeff GoguĂ© on Instagram I was just interested in the great artwork produced and recognized. My work is definitely original, but I NEVER would have thought that I would be accepted to be juried in an art show affiliated with these people. I'm in shock and awe... I'm just speechless. What a great day! 

This month has just been on point. MARRIED ON Friday the 13th, I was released to go back to work, and now I'm in at this juried show! AWESOME