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I am an image creator aspiring to be the best draftsman I can be for the short life I will live! I spend most of time drawing and have no life! Its what I choose. I am very happy when I create art. I love love love my craft.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New litho series

I'm trying to find a new way to express my life through metaphor. I'm working with trees and cherry blossoms. I have a new life with Samantha, so I'm representing that and me with a sun on the horizon. The sun rays are set in a three ray pattern just as the Philippine flag is. I know that the children we have should be represented but I think in a new light/new season is dually noted. I represent this with trees growing and also fully shedd of leaves for visual effect of new season to come. They have taken on me like a natural shedding of leaves due to the seasons changing. I placed four trees to represent four growing offspring, yet I placed three cherry blossoms to represent those who have bloomed and have their own personality in life. To fit this piece in my works I placed another ONI in the top of the conposition and kintuna knot in the front ground tying in motif of ropes and japanese knots placed in JDM VIP style import tuners. This is just another characteristic of my outside hobby and lifestyle being injected into my work. Plenty of representation going on! Pics later!!

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